Apps Like Whisper (Social Anonymous Apps) For Android, iPhone & iPad

Whisper is a free mobile application available as a proprietary app on both Android and iOS platforms. Users are allowed to send and receive anonymous messages. These messages are displayed as text which is superimposed over retrieved images from Whisper‘s search engine or uploaded by the user himself.

This app was launched in March 2012 and has already reached about thirty million active users on a monthly basis. By going through this post, you can understand the nuances of using Whisper and compare it with other similar apps to choose the one best suited to your needs.

Why Whisper App Is So Famous?

The Whisper app promises the full user anonymity and so can help avoid cyber bullying while maintaining privacy. It is also useful in preserving the secrecy of whistle-blowers and helps in sting operations, journalism and such activity. Personal, as well as political thoughts, can also be shared without repercussions.

Apps Like Whisper (Anonymous Apps) For Android & iOS

Many similar apps like Whisper allow users anonymity to send and receive messages. This post has made an effort to list them comprehensively for your convenience.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is an app which uses geographical references to connect people. The usage is anonymous, but the topics are familiar as the users are from a shared community, this is a useful app in for example in educational institutions where it can be used to discuss issues without revealing your identity.

After School

After School app is aptly called a funny anonymous app for after school hours. There again a lot many graphic and sexual content is exchanged via this app.

  • Compatibility: iOS


It is not fully anonymous app. You can use it as semi-anonymous on Android & iOS. You can chat with friends & group of people with Rumr.


A social app which allows us to ask questions and get answers to them from known respondents as well as anonymously. It is used by teenagers, and the questions are based on their social interactions. It can at times have sexual content and unsavory questions or replies.

Kik Messenger

Kik is another useful app that allows users to send texts. Pictures and videos. Virtual mini apps within the app is a unique feature, and the settings can be manipulated to send messages to private groups as well as in public domain. This app also has a feature that allows you to surf the net from the app


Omegle is another such app which allows to send and read messages anonymously and serves as a virtual chat room.

Burn Text

Burn Text is another great app which allows the user to send text only messages which destruct after a particular period and leave no trail. Only single words are revealed at a time adding to the privacy factor.


Snapchat is a popular app used mainly by teenagers to send pictures to each other. The conversations disappear in a specified time, so the user has the peace of mind that his chat will not go viral. This is again mostly used by teenagers. is an interesting app which is essentially a video chat stream. It is a great tool to send and receive videos with friends. This app is also available in desktop mode.

The Bubble

The bubble is the latest rage in social media apps. This takes from your recent social media activity and makes it visible on your Bubble. This is visible to all the friends you add to this app. This is an excellent tool for direct messaging.

Disney Mix

Disney mix is a safe app created by Disney for children. This app has clean content and is monitored very strictly by a 24*7 support system


We have seen and evaluated various apps available in the market today. All the apps are easy to use and have some common and some unique features. It is advisable to use discretion as you must remember that nothing disappears from the internet once posted. There are trails which can be used to recover data, which can then be used for Mala Fide purposes. Also, do remember that once the data is on the screen, a screenshot can be quickly taken to store the data.

Download and use the apps of your choice after evaluating the features mapped in this post. Do not forget to share the post if you have found it to be informative. Please go through other posts on this website if you have found this to your liking.

Mobdro Alternatives For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) For Videos & Live TV

Mobdro is one of the most popular and free videos Streaming & Live TV app that is getting a hype in the market and is giving a tough challenge to its competitors. It is always better to have plenty of apps like Mobdro in our handsets like Android & iPhone/iPad (iOS). But there are also some other trending apps like Mobdro which offers more features like online movie streaming option and that too with a high definition display.

You can easily search for videos from all over the internet right from your Mobdro app with various interesting features available like bookmarking a video which you like the app and then sharing it with the friends. If someone has upgraded to Mobdro premium, one can easily download the videos also. Mobdro has a massive database which saves your time and data, and you do not have to go through a lot of videos. It only looks for any video possible on the internet and then stores in its database, so you can easily have access to it within seconds.

Best Alternatives Of Mobdro For Android & iOS

Through this article, we would like to check some of the best alternatives for the Mobdro app and some of them are listed below.


Absolutely, Yes! YouTube is the best alternative of Mobdro. If you know, how to use YouTube perfectly, then, It is the best entertaining app on the planet. With the YouTube app, you can stream videos, movies, & Live TV from various channels.


Crackle just allows the users to watch the movies and TV shows online, and you do not have to sign up here and without giving any fees, you can only look at the videos. One of the best features of Crackle app is that it works with all the platforms like smartphones or tablets, streaming media player, any gaming console and on any regular web browser. It does have lovely reviews available online, and video playing in this app is very smooth and that too without buffering.


ShowBox is one of the best free movie apps where the variety of films are available on different platforms. It just allows the users to watch free online movies without paying any subscription. It is one of the trending application available in the field of entertainment. One of the unique features of this app is that by using ARC Welder, we can quickly run ShowBox on our PCs too apart from the Android, IPhone, and IPad.


Hotstar is a digital platform launched by the Star India in February 2015, and you can easily download it from the play store. It is available for the Android and IOS users. It is very popular in India, and it does have many Hindi and English TV serials available in its database. It does have other services available like –

  1. Easy viewing of the national and international matches which are showcased on the Star sports channels.
  2. You can select from the various languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, etc.
  3. One of the unique features of Hotstar is that you can save the content on your devices and later you can watch the videos offline later.


Netflix is the leading and subscription type app to look at the TV episodes and movies online. To use this application, one has to upgrade this app to the premium version. They also do have the free version available but to access it, you have to sign up first. It does have the one-month free trial option accessible in case you do not like to sign up there.


MovieBox is one of the best application to get entertain as it does have latest movies available in the app which are regularly updated day by day. If you have Bluestacks available with you, one can easily have this app run on the PCs too. It runs smoothly on the various platform like smartphones and iOS devices and is giving tough competition to its competitors these days.

Other Mobdro alternatives include – Cinema Box, MegaBox HD, USstream, UTrailMe, Mivo, Livestream, Sling, Netflix, Broadcast Me, DISH anywhere, Periscope, & Qik Live videos streaming.


All the apps like Mobdro are working very well when it comes to performance, but Hotstar is becoming popular among the users today because of its wide variety of features available like fast browsing features and availability of different languages, so ultimately user can see the videos in the languages they are comfortable with. All these apps are well tested and researched by the experts so you can easily rely on these apps.

Apps Like Dubsmash For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) – Best Alternatives List

When Dubsmash Video messaging was first released back in 2014, users went berserk. The app was one of the most downloaded and used that year, even though it had been released towards the end of it. The features it brought to the users, and the overall simplicity of it caught the attention of everyone – celebrities included.

For those who still don’t know about Dubsmash, it is a live selfie video application that allows users to record themselves using soundbites from movies, TV shows, songs, or any other famous statement made. But, as with most applications, people start to get “bored” of the same thing and start looking for other, more exciting ways to get their message across.

Apps Similar To Dubsmash For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

So, here are some of the best Apps Like Dubsmash for both Android and iOS. is one of the most used app after Dubsmash as it brings quite a few unique features to the users. Users can shoot and share videos for a length of 15 seconds and then edit them by adding filters and effects like time-lapse, slow-motion, and hyper speed. It even gives users a chance to record and share their original audio creations so that other users can enjoy them. One of the standout features is that users can collaborate with their friends from anywhere in the world through Duet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are some of the social media platforms on which users can share their videos.


Although many users consider B612 primarily as a selfie shooting application, it does come with some features that make it a Dubsmash competitor. One of them is the selfie video feature that lets users shoot short 15 second videos with sound and share them on some social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The selfie shooting function of the app is what makes it so much more different, though. It comes with 25 amazing filters, so you look your best – always. Animated stickers is another great feature that uses facial recognition and adds effects and stickers to the user’s face automatically. Users can even capture multiple selfies together in the Collage mode.


Vinesmash is probably one of the closest applications to Dubsmash. VineSmash takes simple video recording and adds a lot of fun and creativity to it. It allows users to add sounds to their short video clips which can be found in the library or recorded from any source online. On Vinesmash app, once you find the perfect music to match your video, add it and let the fun begin. If you wish to make the video even more memorable, pause it and change the surrounding, your outfit, or even the person in the video to add a more dramatic tone to it. Once the video is complete, users can share it on Vine, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

  • Compatibility: iOS


Dubshoot is one of the perfect applications similar to Dubsmash for video recording. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also a lot of fun. Record yourself using phrases from famous movies, shows, songs, and more, and share them with friends and family quickly. Some of the most used sounds used are from Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages, but Dubshoot offers other categories like; Bollywood, English, Tollywood, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Funny Sounds, and General Sound Clips. The favorite sounds can be used in offline mode as well, and once the video is completed, it can be shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

iTube APK Download For Android | PlayTube.APK Pro Version 2.5 & V2.4

iTube is such an excellent Music downloading application available for Android. You can save any MP3 song cache file from YouTube Videos using iTube Android App. For Music lovers, iTube app is the one stop solution. You can listen to the video songs on the YouTube as well as save Music file from the video from its cache technology.

Users have been facing the issues with iTube Music Cache APK file. But, the file you are going to download here will be free of errors. Official iTube APK for Android is available as Pro version. You can just scroll down to download iTube.APK, and read the procedure to Install Pro version on Android devices.iTube APK for Android free download

iTube APK Download For Android Latest Version

Before downloading the iTube.APK latest version file, you must allow Unknown sources installation on your Android smartphone.

You can do that from Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Enable the option to Install the applications which are not available in the Play store.

Here are the download links fro iTube APK (Older & New versions)

Download Link | Download Link 2

Additional Information About iTube APK file

  1. Android application package of iTube has 4.0 MB file size.
  2. iTube APK current versions are V 2.4 & V 2.5
  3. Direct executable file .APK will not harm your device.
  4. APK last updated date: 24-08-2016.
  5. iTube FREE is developed by 24/7 apps LTD.
  6. Category of iTube APK: Entertainment & Media.

Download other Music downloader apps for Android from this post. And also, read more about Cinema Box APK for Android, Megabox HD APK for Android to watch latest movies for free.

There are other useful guides on movie apps to get latest film app for Android. Free apps like Pandora are available for streaming free music to Android devices now. You can download iTube APK for PC/Laptop too. You will have to use Android emulators to install that Music downloader app.

iTube App Download For YouTube To MP3 Music Converting On Android

iTube is a favorite YouTube Video to music cache application available for Android devices. It was available for iOS devices also, but now you can only manage Youtube playlists with the iTube application. Downloading Music cache file from YouTube is the primary function of the iTube free app.

In this post, I will walk you through the process of how to download iTube app for Android as well as other devices like iOS (iPhone/iPad) & PC. And also, I will talk about apps like iTube in the coming articles on this blog. So, if you want to get iTube Downloader for Music, stay with me until the itube android music app

Download iTube Free For Android

Now, I will teach you on how to install i Tube on Android devices. Installing it is pretty is now. You cannot install it directly from play store as it got deleted from it. The only way you can use to get i Tube apps is by using .APK file.

I will give the link to download that file and let you know how to install it on Android.

Change Settings On Android To Accept i Tube APK

Before, downloading the APK file, you should change settings for your Android smartphone.

To modify the settings, visit Settings > Security > Click on Unknown sources option and enable it.enable unknown sources option on AndroidNow, download the APK file from this link. Click here.

Once, the installer file download is completed, go to the file location where the file was saved and click on it.

When you initiate the installation process by clicking on it, the i Tube app will ask you to provide permission to access some of the other services of your Android. Click on accept.

After that, now click on Next & Install buttons to forward the downloading of i Tube app. install button for iTube appOnce the iTube free App got installed, directly, click on the Open button to start using it. Or else, you can access it from all apps on Android. iTube app installed on AndroidIf you open the application, you will see the menu main like this.iTube menu screen

Best Features Of iTube Music App

Here are the main features of the iTube music app. Read them to use it easily. features of itube app

  1. There are so many variety music styles are available to download on iTube.
  2. Unique features like Children’s & Christian Music are included as direct options.
  3. Playlists of YouTube can be managed by logging into your account.
  4. Top 100 music songs, albums, and artists options are provided.
  5. Download Music cache files from any Youtube video.

That was the procedure to get iTube downloaded on Android mobiles. Leave your feedback on how interesting you find it. And also share your experience with iTube app.

Best Apps To Root Android Devices With or Without Computer

If you imagine that you are the only administrator of your Android phone, you are completely wrong. Technically, you are not the administrator of your Android phone. It seems illegitimate. When the phone is ours, we must be the administrators. But we are not made the administrators by the mobile companies, just to save us from the dangers associated with it. Yes, half knowledge kills some time. To be a technical administrator of your phone, you need to learn some basic traits first.

Rooting is what makes you the admin of your device. Rooting your phone gives you the ability to change the ‘Root’ folder of your file system, which means that after rooting one gets complete control over the device. But, if you aren’t aware of the proper ways of handling the system, you may end up in the voiding of your warranty or completely bricking your phone. There are some security risks associated with rooting that we cannot overlook. But, if you are well aware of all this, and want to root your phone, we can help you with that.


Best Apps To Root Android Mobiles

We are coming up with a list of some best free apps to root any android device with/without a PC. Let’s go through them.

  • Kingoapp

Kingoapp is a big name in the field of rooting android phones. To root any device, this app needs an Internet-connected computer. This software works with most brands of the Android phones. The process of rooting with this app is very simple. You just need to click the ‘root button’ once the software detects your device.

  • Vroot software

This software works on all the operating system version of Android, be it Froyo (2.2), Jelly Bean (4.2), Gingerbread (2.3) or any newer version. Its dedicated tools can root/unroot any device in a very limited time frame. Now, this software has been relabeled as iRoot.

  • OneClickRoot

With its user-friendly manner, it roots almost any kind of device. It employs many extra fail safes to save your device from any probable damage. With this software, you get full technical support throughout your journey of rooting/unrooting. The developers of the software can even assist you in removing the bloatware.

  • SRSRoot Software

This software has been very popular before the arrival of other new software. But still, beta testers and its regular users give this software a very positive rating. The on-screen instructions that you get after installing this software very clearly define the absolute path to follow while rooting your phone. You just need to click, and you are done.

  • KingRoot

Do not ever confuse KingRoot with King root software. They are different, though equally potent. This is a very light-weighted software. It also works on all the major devices. To get this software, you just need to visit their official site from your phone/computer and download it from there. After downloading and installing, you just need to start the rooting by using their GUI. To check about whether your device is entirely rooted or not, install their root checker app.

  • Framaroot App

This software does not require any PC for its functioning. For rooting, it supports all the versions of Android on most brands of devices. After installing the app, you just need to launch it and choose from the list of exploits. Framaroot apk app has been tested with newer devices like Huawei Ascend, Nokia XL Android, etc. and found to be very successful in rooting them.

  • Roor Master App

This App also doesn’t require any computer for its functioning. It has been found to work best with the devices like Tecno, iTel, Gionee, etc. You just need to use its APK to root your phone. Root Master is one of the best alternatives for the Framaroot.

  • Towelroot

Towelroot app was initially developed to root the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, but it works well on other Android devices as well. Only HTC and Motorola phone are found not to work well with it. Just check the kernel bill date of the device being rooted. This app doesn’t work for the devices with kernel bill dated before June 2014. This app too doesn’t require any computer.

This is just a comprehensive list of some favorite rooting apps. There are some severe dangers associated with rooting if you are not careful enough. So be cautious before rooting your phone. Take care of every aspect of it. I hope, you will not find any trouble in rooting your phone with this app if you follow the correct procedure. However, if you find any issues, please do share with us. We are more than happy to help.

If you find this apps to root android mobiles article helpful, please do share it with others to give us a thumbs up for our effort. We wish you a Happy rooting journey!

Best Apps Like Pandora To Stream MP3 Music Online (With & Without WiFi)

As you know it already, that Pandora is a sort of personalized radio. Instead of playing fixed decided songs, it plays the music you love. Your taste is what define its work. On Pandora, you can listen to songs based on genre, artist or lyrics. In this post, you will get to know about apps like pandora.

Pandora is labeled as one of the first streaming audio services to make a boom in the market. But now, it is not alone in the market. The new springing apps have surpassed Pandora in many aspects. Some Apps offer more tracks and some other offer more genres.

Free Online Music Streaming Apps Like Pandora (Android & iOS)

Competition for audio streaming is surging unexpectedly fast. So, if you are trying to find some music streaming apps like Pandora, we have a comprehensive list of the best Android apps for you. Try the best match for you, and you will be in love with these apps. Here’s the list.

  • Spotify

Spotify is in vogue right now for its unique features. Its library has more than 20 million songs, and it streams video content and podcasts as well. But this is not a free app. You have to buy the premium account if you want to listen to offline music and ad-free playback.

Download: Android | iOS

Also Read: Apps Like Uber For Online Cab Booking

  • Fm is famous for using ‘Audioscrobbler’ recommendation system. This system can make a detailed profile for any user based on their love and taste of music. After creating the profile, this service installs plugins in the media player of any user and then automatically adds the songs to their list. In total, we can say that it is a sort of personalized internet radio.

Download: Android | iOS

  • Google Play Music

By using this service, one can upload his/her personal music collection on the web. But before using it, one need to have a Google account. Any new music added to your computer can be automatically uploaded via Google Play Music service. This service does not require the internet all the time. The songs played recently, and the selected albums, artists, and playlists can be accessed at any time even when you are not connected. You can create your custom playlists with this service.

Download: Android | iOS

  • TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a fantastic application to take your radio everywhere you go. Whether you want to listen to KROQ or NPR, you will be able to access them from any part of the world. You can use our TV’s surround system with this App.

Download: Android | iOS

  • Apple Music Apple music is way better than some other apps in its feature of personal recommendations. It collects the recommendations from the music lovers and masters and provides it to you for your music taste. With its millions of songs collection, it has entirely changed the perspective of the music streaming apps.

Download: Android | iOS

  • Groove Music

With its Tagline “Your Music. Our Music. Everywhere.”, It is making high tides in the audio streaming market. It is a one-stop place to play and manage your music. If you want to bring your songs on all of your devices, just upload them to OneDrive and Groove will automatically add them to your playlist. You just need a Groove Music Pass to access all of its features.

Download: Android | iOS

  • Myspace

Myspace is said to possess the largest digital music catalog in the world. This app gives yo the ability to create artist stations or personalized radio stations for free. You can even find new people, bands, and artists and connect with them through RTM (Real-Time Messaging). One can even share photos, posts and animated GIFs with this App. In one way, Myspace has made streaming very sociable.

Download: Android | iOS

  • Jango

It is a free app which aims at making online music fun, free and easy. You just need to search for an artist on Jango to start your free internet radio. You can even customize Jango to your needs. It gives you an ability to rate songs and decide about which songs to play more.

Download: Android | iOS

Other Pandora Alternatives List: iTunes Radio, Slacker, Rdio,  iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, Prime Music, Tidal, and etc.

These are the eight excellent apps like Pandora. Try the best match for you, and you will be in love with these apps. If you have already tried these apps, please do share your experience with us. If you know any other better app, please apprise us, so that we can revamp our list to give best benefits to readers like you.

If you liked the article, just give us a thumbs up by sharing it with others.

Best Apps Like Uber For Booking Cabs Online (Android & iOS) List

Hiring a taxi for office, tour, local ridings & other business purposes has never been so easy, as it is today. With ride-hailing apps like Uber, you can get a quick pick-up and drop service within a few minutes. These taxi service providers place the power in the hands of customers instead of the cab-drivers, and they play the role of a reasonable mediator.

With time, Uber emerged as one of the smartest ways to get anywhere. Uber needs only one tab to get you where you want. The paying mechanism is also very straightforward and reasonable. We can say that Uber is a low-cost luxury ride provider.

Apps Similar To Uber For Booking Cab Online

But recently, Uber made the news for all the wrong reasons. Safety issues, rumors about spying, high-price charging allegations, etc. caused Uber to be partially banned in different parts of the world. But you do should not worry about alternative apps, with the rise in services of these kinds, we have several other Apps as well which we can trustfully use to take a ride. Here, I am listing eight Apps like Uber.

  • Easy Taxi

This App fetches the rides for its customers in more than 30 countries. It has more than four lakhs taxi drivers working for it in more than 420 cities. Like Uber, this app also gives you’re a fair calculation of your destination fare. If you like to redeem coupons or vouchers, you can easily sync your Facebook account with the Easy Taxi App and do the same.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Gett

This App was known previously by the name of Getting Taxi. Gett operated from the United States and provided its services in London, NYC, Moscow and Tel Aviv.  The App works in close competition with Uber. With price surges by Uber, Gett is also devising new pricing strategies like 25% reduction in price for the cabs booked in NYC, $10 rides to anywhere in Manhattan below the 110th street, etc.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Cabify

Cabify App is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The unique feature of the app is that it uses fixed and transparent pricing, which nullify any chances of cheating. The other unique feature of Cabify is that it has been designed by keeping in mind the business and event requirements. With Cabify, one can plan any business, formal and corporate trip in advance with a proper invoice system. We can even book cabs for someone else with this App.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • goCatch

This service provider specifically works in Australia. It places the registered taxi drivers at par with metered taxi drivers in Australia by charging the same fare. It charges only 5% surcharge if paid by credit card and not 10% as prevalent in Australia. GoCatch has over 30,000 taxis running for it and covers more than 40% of taxi industry of Australia. Photo-Id and ABN check makes it the safest tax-hailing service provider in Australia.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Lyft

This ride-hailing service provider works in the US regions only, and it is the closest competitor of Uber over there. Lyft emphasizes most on the reliable driver recruitment. Lyft has made it compulsory for all the drivers working for it to have a valid driver’s license, criminally clean background and sound DMV check. Lyft has three variants – Lyft Line, Lyft Plus, and Lyft. The modifications are made to make the sharing cab experience better.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • OLA Cabs

It is the ride-hailing service provider in India which is giving a tough competition to Uber over there. Ola has bought TaxiForSure, to get a larger chunk in the Indian taxi-hailing service providers. Ola cabs charge the lowest fares in India. The excellent app interface seems to be the USP of this APP. Cleanliness, verified writers, safety and continuous audits are also adding the credibility to this App.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • GrabTaxi

This App works for the region of Southeast Asia. More than 3 million apps have been downloaded since its inception. Its services are available in 6 countries of Southeast Asia. It has been ranked highly for the comfort and safety it provides. With more than 5,000 registered drivers operating in 21 cities, GrabTaxi gives an unbeatable taxi-hailing experience.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Hailo

Hailo is the UK based ride-hailing service which works in more than five countries. Previously, it offered the service of hiring privately owned cars, but under pressure from the taxi unions, they stopped their service. It allows only CRB checked drivers to work for them. With electronic payment and Hailo Hub facilities, Hailo is becoming one of the largest ride-hailing service providers in the UK.

Platforms: Android | iOS

Conclusion: With the ever increasing competition, booking cabs with Apps is becoming very comfortable, safe and reliable. With endless Apps and manifold options of sharing, the booking of the ride is becoming cheaper too. Save your precious money and time by using any of these apps. This is a limited list of Apps, if you want more, just search for the region based apps, and you will get plenty of them.  We wish you a pleasure ride experience forever.

Best Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles | Free Root Apps List

Endless apps are available online which claims to have the ability to root your phone efficiently. But, not all the ones remain firm on their demands. Sometimes by using the wrong App you can even brick your phone. The method of rooting any phone varies from model to model. So there is now one size fits all type solution, but some Apps listed here may help you in rooting in the way or the other. So be careful with rooting of your mobile.

If you have already rooted your device, it means that now you have crossed the line for sure. So now, when you don’t have any way of turning back, why not try a few app to take advantage of your newly added freedom? Here, we are tracking down a list of 8 root apps which may prove helpful to you.

Best Root Apps For Properly Rooted Android Mobile

If you are an avid Android user and want to rank yourself as a superuser and not just a simple user, this article is for you. We are not alluring you to be a superuser, but if you are already being alluded, we are happy to direct. So how to become a superuser?

The best way is to root your android mobile or tablet. Rooting is a way of giving users the access to privileged control over some of the Android subsystems. In other words, we can say that rooting allows the Android users to get access to such system files, folders, and commands, etc., which are otherwise strictly locked for the general Android user. Rooting changes your authority from an Android user to an administrator.

  • ROM ToolBox Pro

If you are new to using the ROM apps and don’t know what to do, this app is for you. This App is not a single app, but it’s like a package of various handy root apps. Whether you want to install or backup software, or you want to partition the storage space of your smartphone; it provides you different tools to meet your purpose.   An app like SD Booster, Terminal Emulator, and Script Manager Etc. Supports these features, which saves you a lot of money and time. So, this App is for sure is the best deal for anybody new. 

  • AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is an open-source application which helps in ad blocking. This is a must have app for those who hate ads popping up on the screen in the middle of their work. The unique thing about this App is that this app is configurable. That means, you can allow some nice unobtrusive ads to pop up, if you wish, or remove all of them forever. This App can only be downloaded by an official link from ABP, and not through Google Play Store.

  • Root Call Blocker Pro

If you want to avoid the spam calls or texts, this app is for you. This App automatically blocks or rejects unknown, restricted or withheld numbers. This App works even better on the rooted phones. On rooted phones, it rejects or blocks the call by not even allowing the phone to ring. You can get great relief from spam calls with this app. But, we recommend you to try its trial version before buying this app.

  • Dumpster

Recovery of the accidentally deleted files is the major work of this App. It recovers and restores the deleted files in seconds. Although for using this App root isn’t required, if your device is rooted, this App helps to find more and more lost files. This App is like a Recycle Bin for your Smartphone.

  • Sixaxis Controller

This App is for avid mobile gamers. Those who want to cross the limitations offered by touchscreen controls must use this app for sure. The mind-blowing news about this App is that it lets you pair your PlayStation 3 or 4 with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. When you pair them, the controller gets converted into a native gamepad. Even mouse and keypads can be used for navigation purposes. With this app, one can even use some titles which are not officially supported by the controller.

  • Greenify

This App can be used to hibernate some apps for saving the battery drain. It efficiently prevents the apps from running in the background. It gathers the information such as which apps are running, how frequently any app runs and how many times any app wakes up your device etc. This information helps you to take the decision about which apps to hibernate. This app can very efficiently handle the frequent waking up of your device by Whatsapp and Facebook notification. Greenify is an entirely free app.

  • Wi-Fi Key Recovery

Most of us forget our Wi-Fi keys, if it hasn’t been changed for long and if we opt to connect all our devices automatically. This App uses the phone’s root capabilities to find the previously used passwords for any secured hotspot. The App doesn’t work illegitimately. It cracks the password of only the informal networks and not any new or unfamiliar ones. So, all the secrets remain safe with it.

  • Link2SD

This is an excellent app which allows you to use your external SD card as an internal one. With this app, you can move your required apps to any SD card. This app develops some link and makes your device believe that the apps are on the device only and not on any SD card. The only drawback is, it may slow down the functioning of the moved apps.

Other Free & Paid Root Apps List

  • Lucky Patcher
  • Xposed Framework
  • Viper4Android
  • Titanium Backup
  • Tasker (Paid App)
  • Nandroid Manager
  • Quick Boot
  • GL Tools
  • Set CPU (Be very careful while using this app)
  • Servicely
  • SDFix
  • Flashify
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Better Battery Stats
  • System App Remover
  • Es File Explorer
  • Device Control
  • Kernel Adiutor
  • Full!Screen
  • Disk Digger
  • Boot Animations
  • Chainfire 3D
  • Hosts Editor
  • Root Explorer
  • 3C ToolBox
  • Root Call Blocker Pro
Best Root Apps For Android: Resolution Changer Pro, Xposed GEL Settings, Rec. (Screen Recorder), BusyBox, SuperSU, SCR Screen Recorder, Triangle Away, System App Remover, SD-Maid, Wakelock Detector, Adaway, helium, Wanam XPosed, My Backup Pro, Clean Master, Start Up Manager, Faux clock, DVFS disabler, Unicorn icon themer, Nova Launcher, SD Booster, Uninstaller Pro, Pixel Filter, Swipe Navigation, Simple Reboot and etc. 

Does it sound exciting? It looks so, but it is not purely so. Rooting comes with own shares of freedom and risks. These two needs to be balanced very carefully if you don’t want to brick your phone or void your warranty. If you can adjust them efficiently, you can easily remove bloatware applications that are otherwise impossible to uninstall, bypass any carrier-installed software, or run any special privilege requiring app by using the process of rooting.

Conclusion: With the array of these useful Apps, you must be tempting to root your App, if you have not already rooted it. But limit your temptation to your knowledge of rooting. If you have full command and confidence about rooting, go for it. But, if you don’t have, first learn the tricks and traps and then go for it, or else you may end up in bricking your phone. No one can deny the significant benefits of rooting. So if you want to taste it, try it with all alert and caution.

Free Movie Applications Like Showbox For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Movies are our gateway to escape from reality. A good comedy can uplift our spirits, a real drama can excite and encourage us, a horror movie scares us while a sad movie makes us wonder about the impermanence of life. Movies help us be transported into a different world, gives us a lot of ideas, and helps us to learn lessons that we can’t real life. A good movie is worth both our time and money.

With the advent of Android & iOS smartphones and internet connectivity, a whole new world has opened up. People can now have access to thousands of movies both online as well download them for later viewing. The open source of Android helps users download their favorite movies from different free sources. iOS platform makes movie watching a pleasure to the eyes with their fantastic user interface. Both Android and iOS has made movie watching both a joy and an easy and affordable affair.

Free Movie Apps Like Showbox (Best Alternatives List)

There are various standard applications available for both Android and iOS on the internet. Some of them are:

1. Cinema Box

Watch free HD movies and TV shows on your Android phone, tablet, or TV box with this app. Cinema Box allows users around the world to stream or download movies. It supports Google Chromecast so you can cast the video to your big screen for a better watching experience.

2. Mega Box HD

This has a vast database from every genre that you can think of. No wonder this app has a huge number of followers. All this, without any charge.

3. Movie HD App

Initially designed for the Android OS, this is now also available for the iOS as well. It has millions of films on hosting to stream to your device. A one-stop solution for movies, entertainment videos, and TV shows.

4. Tubi Tv

Now this is an impressive app, with a rating of 4 out of 5. It is free. Here the user can choose from 40,000 titles. This app is mainly known for Korean dramas & Kung Fu. A must have the app, this one offers you those movies which are not available on Netflix.

5. Viewster (Android)

Users can watch TV series, Movies, and Documentaries. Anime series, an addiction in its right, can be accessed via Viewster. No sign-up or fees give access to full-length content. Fresh content is added on weekly basis. For Anime lovers, there is no better choice.

6. Snagfilms

As compared to Android, iOS users always had very fewer choices to make. Snagfilms can support multiple platforms with a good movie catalog. This free app for iOS gives you access to over 5000 movies. You might just find rare hits you have been looking for.

7. Crackle

This app is completely hassle-free streaming free. A good Movie App to try on iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Crackle is an online distributor of Hollywood shows and TV series. You can watch full-length movies, television series, etc. This App works well on both Mobile and web platform.

8. PlayBox HD

One of the leading and highly recommended movie app for both Android and iOS, you would be sure to love it.

Free Android Movies applications:

9. Movie Box

It is one of the most talked about Movie App. A fantastic app, one can easily stream online movies and TV series. Showbox is used by millions of people worldwide. The app is not available on Google Play but could be easily downloaded from their official site. You can also watch offline movies as well.

10. Hubi

Hubi is another impressive Movie app for downloading and watching online movies for free. Hubi app acts like a tool which extracts a download link of any video you are watching online. Build an entire catalog of your own with this app. This one supports 39 services for free download and is available at Google Play store.

11. Flipps TV

Flipps TV is a complete combo package where you can watch episodes, videos, music, movies, news, sports and other media online. Yu can project movies, music videos and more onto TV using Android device since Chromecast is supported.

12. Hotstar

This is yet another remarkable initiative in the entertainment service in India. Unlike Netflix, Hotstar comes with the free plan too. Though the Movies and TV shows will be limited there are lots of other stuff to watch. Hotstar is a combination of both a Movie streaming and TV App. The quality of service provided easily matches up to international standards. This application is only for users in India.

Free iOS Movies applications

13. Yidio

Use Yidio to search content like where you can watch a particular film, whether the content is free or you have to pay for it, compares prices for the paid content and many other things.

14. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus offers users the ability to stream instantly current hit shows like classic series and critically acclaimed movies. Every Smart TV app also supports this application as well, so you can move on from your mobile onto your TV or Laptop. You can have the chance to get it free, and then have to pay a price of $7.99 a month. Although the price goes up to the trial, Hulu Plus is the perfect streaming app for TV lovers, and the app is worth the price. You can download Hulu Plus from the App Store

15. Flixster

Another application for downloading movies and watching trailers, users can create their catalog of “films to see” of movies coming soon to theaters. You can watch full-length trailers; get to know the show times for the latest movies are hitting the theaters, read reviews and so much more. You can pick the best movie to watch with your family or friends after going through the reviews that are on offer.

We hope you enjoyed knowing all the latest and the hottest entertainment apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Don’t forget to try them out on your smart phones and let us know how your movie watching experience was! Also, discuss with your friends about these apps so that they can join in your movie watching the fun. Comment on this article, as well as the apps we have listed. Do share this to spread the word! Visit our blog for the latest write ups on related posts and leave your feedback.