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Browser + Operating System

We've combined simple design and sophisticated technology to create Cloud, one of the world's simplest operating systems for surfing the web, email, and chat.

Cloud is a web browser plus operating system, enabling the browser to perform everything that the desktop is able to perform. Since Cloud just boots into a web browser, it's perfect for Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and PCs for pure Internet use.

Cloud will not be available as a web download just yet, but while you're waiting for us, we encourage you to learn about our vision of Cloud computing, where Cloud will be available, and how to be part of our private beta.

Additional Notes:

Cloud will initially be released online for specific Netbooks only.

More information about Cloud's technology will be released after its release online.


Open for customization

As we have attempted to illustrate using the above animation, Good OS has developed Cloud to serve others as an open platform. By that, we mean Cloud can and should be customized to provide users with different and special Internet experiences.

If you're interested in creating your own special version of Cloud to promote through your own distribution channels, we'd love to hear from you whether you are a search engine, application, content or other service provider, or if you are a hardware manufacturer.

We are currently open for partnerships. Please feel free to email us at partner@thinkgos.com.

System Requirements:

• Standard x86 Processor
• 128 MB RAM
• 35 MB Storage
• Preloaded in HDD/SSD of PC
• Preloaded in on board flash storage of MB
• Preloaded in CD as Windows Installer
• Cloud does not require additional hardware and is compatible with any operating system


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