Android Emulators For PC To Run Every Application On Computer

Android Operating System has fast gained immense popularity over other Operating systems, and not entirely without reason.

The major factors that give Android OS is the best among others are,

  1. Support for 2D/3D Graphics
  2. Multiple languages support
  3. Java and Web Browser support
  4. Easy video calling facilities
  5. Simple usage of tools, open source framework
  6. Availability of a vast number of free apps from Google Play Store
  7. Integrated applications, and
  8. Features which help in sharing it seamlessly with other apps, etc.

This enables a host of activities like playing games, chatting, video calling, accessing the web files much easier and fun.

An android emulator simulates a device and displays it on your computer. It is fast, powerful, and transfers information faster than a connected hardware device. It contains a device profile, system image, storage area, skin, and other properties. This emulator can, therefore, run Android apps on Windows OS, therefore allowing you to explore the whole new world of Android OS.

Best Free Android Emulators For PC/Laptop & Mac

There are several freely downloadable Android Emulators to be found on the web. Here are some of the top rated Android Emulators for PC/Laptop (Any Windows 10/8.1/8/7) as well as Mac OS.

1. Droid4X: The latest and perhaps the most magnetic emulators of all, this emulator is real powerful. It core pre-installed. It is quite fast, doesn’t lag or snag and allow you to use your computer keyboard as the controller for the emulator itself.

2. Andryoid (Andy OS): Another free Android Emulator available for free, this also rates among the top emulators working on Windows/Mac. The Android smartphone can be used as a remote for this Andryoid emulator.

3. Genymotion: This is an alternative to the emulator Bluestacks. The speed of Genymotion is much faster than that of BlueStacks. This is the best android games emulator in windows 10 and windows 7/8.1/Linux/8 or Mac/Vista/XP PC/Laptop 32 bit & 64 bit.

4. Windroy: One of the cheapest and best emulators available for your desktop or laptop, this has a great user interface and uses Windows kernel to run apps and games.

5.  Bluestacks: Occupying the leading position for the last few years, this emulator certainly tops our list of an Android Emulator. This is the bets emulator to run games, apps and Exe files on a PC or Laptop with Windows configuration. Both online and offline versions of downloading Bluestacks are available, depending on the speed of the internet connectivity you can avail. You can also run third-party apps in this free latest version of blue stacks.

6. Xamarin Android Player: Although unheard and comparatively less attractive than its counterparts, this emulator is not bad, and offers you the latest experience in Android on your Windows/Mac PC for free. This emulator is almost bugless, having been developed by a programming service oriented company and focuses mainly on developers as the users.However, this emulator requires virtual box dependencies.

7. Nox App Player: This is another latest Android Emulator to be launched. This emulator has exciting features for the users.

The advantages of this emulator are:

  1. It is very fast, user-friendly and never freezes.
  2. Gives the highest performance.
  3. Response speed is great and very stable as well.
  4. This emulator provides the best gaming experience. Almost all kinds of games can be played using this emulator.
  5. Some pre-installed applications like Facebook Lite, etc. are present in this emulator.
  6. Google play store, as well as browser, is also available.
  7. Shaking features are present in this emulator.

The Nox App player, again, has two versions, one , the online version and the other the offline version.

8. You Wave: This is yet another emulator that can be freely downloaded and installed. It is very simple, easy to use, easy to download and install. This emulator has its directory in which all the apps are stored. Your favorite apps can be searched, downloaded and stored in this emulator as well.

Android emulators open up a wide world of fun filled gaming and application usage for the user, for a different experience that isn’t available on Windows or Mac Operating Systems. The open source web based applications of Android make it easier and almost free for the users to download these emulators and get busy with a plethora of activities, from chatting to gaming to video calling, etc. So don’t restrict yourself if you have a Windows PC. Install the Android Emulators and enter a whole new world!

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