Android Launcher Apps List Updated 2017

In our life, we want to customize everything according to our needs and mood. The same is with our smartphones also. We want to customize every feature of our smartphone to meet our needs and taste. But most of us are unaware of how to do this? Well, I don’t know how to customize things in our life, but I know how to customize any Android smartphone according to our needs and mood.

It is with the ‘Launchers’ that we customize our smartphones. Launchers empower you to take control over your phone entirely. With their help, you can direct your phone about how to perform while switching screens, launching apps, closing apps, etc. You can event take the full advantage of Android themes and icons by customizing them through the launcher. Here, I am coming with a list of some of the best Android launchers, which can help you to customize your phone in the best of ways.list of best android launchers

Best Android Launcher Apps List – Customize Like A Pro

1. Hola Launcher – Theme & Wallpaper

Hola launcher for AndroidIf you are looking for an all-in-one app (speed booster, battery saver, charging protector, and app manager), then Hola Launcher is the perfect choice for every Android user. Hola Launcher has thousands of brand new themes, and wallpapers to customize your Android mobiles.

Features of Hola Luncher:

  1. Customization of your Android device is no longer old. Make everything look stunning & attracting with Hola Launcher App.
  2. From the home screen, directly boost apps, games, & unwanted RAM killing tasks using HOLA boost feature.
  3. Manage Power efficiently with the power manager inbuilt option in Hola.
  4. Protect the device from the damage while charging with charging protector.
  5. Boost Apps, Games to make the Android phone run smoothly.
  6. APPLOCK feature is available to make sure your privacy is protected.
  7. The last feature is the HIDE option. You can make the apps invisible from the apps menu.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher for AndroidNova Launcher (Free version || Paid version ||) is probably one of the best Android app launchers available today. This app contains a large number of customizable features, comprising gesture support, icon pack support, look, theme and feel customization and much more. This app can backup and restores your home screen layout when you switch to the new phone.

Features of Nova Launcher:

  1. Change iCons themes from the thousands available for free.
  2. Subgrid positioning is very useful to create customizable widgets anywhere on the screen.
  3. Adjust colors for folders, backgrounds, labels, and drawer tabs.
  4. Custom App drawer is useful to custom tabs, horizontal or vertical scrolling.
  5. Only paid version has the HIDE feature on Nova.

3. Arrow Launcher

Arrow LauncherArrow Launcher is created by Microsoft initially. It was not much popular when it was first released, but with time it is now turning out to be one of the magnificent Android launchers. It takes only a minute to set this launcher. This launcher doesn’t focus on UI and flashy transitions. UI looks to be very simple like clean wallpaper.

4. Apex Launcher

Apex LauncherApex launcher is much more similar to Nova launcher.  It gives the lot of options like app drawer, dock bar, etc. This launcher is equipped with a backup option with the help of which you can transfer the same settings to other smartphones also. The theme collection of this launcher is very broad.

5. Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3Smart Launcher Pro 3 App comes with a distinct flavor. It first asks you to provide it with a list of your favorite and preferred dialer app, music, and video and photo app. After getting this information, it sets up for a short setup procedure, wherein, it drops you into a single home screen comprising of six apps. After that, it provides you with swiping feature. If yourself swipe left, you will find an organized app drawer, and if you swipe right, you get several screens specifically designed for widgets. You can add or subtract the number of Apps on your home screen. You will find the working of this Launcher very smooth.

6. Zen UI

Zen UI LauncherZen UI is one of the most intricate launchers which mars all the low-end launchers. This launcher is developed by Asus. With the use of this interactive launcher, you can adjust the grid size of your screen, can apply transitional animation between home screens and theme your folders. It even provides a security tool for apps. ‘Intruder-selfie’ is the unique feature of this app, which snaps a picture of the intruder of your app. This launcher is surely a must try for all.

7. Hey Launcher

Hey Launcher is developed by Swift Company.  The unique feature of this App is that it allows placing all of your Apps on a single screen. Its working is similar to Google Maps. It also allows typing by sliding in between characters. The only drawback of this App is that it doesn’t have themes. However, you can add as many widgets as you want using this App.

8. Buzz Launcher

Buzz LauncherBuzz is developed and maintained by a portal shared by a community of users. It may be labeled as a ‘participatory’ application launcher, where the community users share and create themes for their use.

9. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3Instead of an app drawer provided by most of the launchers, this Launcher provides the user with a scroll menu which can be slid from left to right on the home screen. One other interesting feature is that this launcher allows you to open all the apps contained in a folder by just holding your finger on that particular folder. By assigning a cover cap, one can easily group the applications in the folder with the use of this App.

10. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EXIt is a sort of traditional launcher. It again contains many free themes to adore your phone with. It allows the use of gestures for performing the individual task. You can even modify widgets also. The only sad thing about Go Launcher EX is that it is not entirely free. After its first use, you have to go for the ‘premium’ installation of the same.

11. APUS Launcher

APUS LauncherAPUS provides a UI similar to MIUI. It removes the app drawer and shifts them to the desktop. This launcher is an excellent energy saver and consumes much less power as compared with Google Now. So you will have a good battery life with this App.

12. Next Launcher

Next LauncherThis Application is popular in the market for its 3D abilities. Only the use of it can make you clear that what the ‘Next’ launcher is. It comes packed with a no. of widgets and apps which remain coherent with the system design. If you are unsure, how good it will look, you can use its trial version.

13. Atom Launcher

Atom LauncherAtom is recent in its origin. With preloaded themes, it also comes packed with a theme maker also. It is limitlessly packed with all the features of a launcher like gesture control, settings for a hidden docx, icon packs, widgets and hat not. Its competitiveness makes its price feel meager. You can use its free version to get an idea of its functioning.

14. Catapult

Catapult Launcher for AndroidThis launcher is introduced in two categories: (a) CyanogenMod (open source version) and (b) Cyanogen OS (commercial version). At the first look, this launcher seems like a replica of Google Now, but in originality, it has various hidden treasures in it. Once you hold your finger on space, it will reveal its personalization center is having three distinct sections: (a) Widgets, (b) Background and Settings. You just have to use these options to explore its potential.

15. Google Now Launcher

Google Now LauncherIt is a well-known and famous name in the Android Launcher world. It is developed by Google Inc. This launcher has integrated Google now into it. You can start your search by saying “OK Google’. It is free of 3rd party bloatware and ads. It is the most frequently updated launcher of the time.

16. Solo Android Launcher

Solo Android launcher is an incredible Android launcher, which has an average rating of 4.1 on Google play store. This launcher gives you a big room for customization; this is the reason why it hot million plus downloads. If you want to change your icons, themes, and UI quickly, this launcher is a must try option for you. It is entirely free and free of any bloatware’s.

Other Best Launchers Include: Smart launcher, Yahoo Aviate, Nokia Z Launcher, Buzz Launcher, Galaxy launcher, Launcher 8 – Windows Launcher, Dodol, Everything Me, TouchWiz, C Launcher for Android, i6 Plus – iOS themed, ADW.Launcher, Themer Launcher by MyThemeShop, Big Launcher, Nano Launcher, & W8 Launcher.

Conclusion On Best Android Launcher Apps

These launchers described above are some of the best Android launcher apps developed till now. Those who have a deep urge for customizing their phone’s UI must try these launchers to meet their end. One advantage of using the launchers is that apart from changing the overall look of your smartphone, these launchers somewhat increases the overall speed of the mobile phone. Although we have compiled this list out of our best knowledge, if you know any website better than these, please do share it with us and we will update our list for the general good of all. Get back to ThinkGos for latest tips on any Android related topics.