Best Apps Like Uber For Booking Cabs Online (Android & iOS) List

Hiring a taxi for office, tour, local ridings & other business purposes has never been so easy, as it is today. With ride-hailing apps like Uber, you can get a quick pick-up and drop service within a few minutes. These taxi service providers place the power in the hands of customers instead of the cab-drivers, and they play the role of a reasonable mediator.

With time, Uber emerged as one of the smartest ways to get anywhere. Uber needs only one tab to get you where you want. The paying mechanism is also very straightforward and reasonable. We can say that Uber is a low-cost luxury ride provider.

Apps Similar To Uber For Booking Cab Online

But recently, Uber made the news for all the wrong reasons. Safety issues, rumors about spying, high-price charging allegations, etc. caused Uber to be partially banned in different parts of the world. But you do should not worry about alternative apps, with the rise in services of these kinds, we have several other Apps as well which we can trustfully use to take a ride. Here, I am listing eight Apps like Uber.

  • Easy Taxi

This App fetches the rides for its customers in more than 30 countries. It has more than four lakhs taxi drivers working for it in more than 420 cities. Like Uber, this app also gives you’re a fair calculation of your destination fare. If you like to redeem coupons or vouchers, you can easily sync your Facebook account with the Easy Taxi App and do the same.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Gett

This App was known previously by the name of Getting Taxi. Gett operated from the United States and provided its services in London, NYC, Moscow and Tel Aviv.  The App works in close competition with Uber. With price surges by Uber, Gett is also devising new pricing strategies like 25% reduction in price for the cabs booked in NYC, $10 rides to anywhere in Manhattan below the 110th street, etc.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Cabify

Cabify App is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The unique feature of the app is that it uses fixed and transparent pricing, which nullify any chances of cheating. The other unique feature of Cabify is that it has been designed by keeping in mind the business and event requirements. With Cabify, one can plan any business, formal and corporate trip in advance with a proper invoice system. We can even book cabs for someone else with this App.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • goCatch

This service provider specifically works in Australia. It places the registered taxi drivers at par with metered taxi drivers in Australia by charging the same fare. It charges only 5% surcharge if paid by credit card and not 10% as prevalent in Australia. GoCatch has over 30,000 taxis running for it and covers more than 40% of taxi industry of Australia. Photo-Id and ABN check makes it the safest tax-hailing service provider in Australia.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Lyft

This ride-hailing service provider works in the US regions only, and it is the closest competitor of Uber over there. Lyft emphasizes most on the reliable driver recruitment. Lyft has made it compulsory for all the drivers working for it to have a valid driver’s license, criminally clean background and sound DMV check. Lyft has three variants – Lyft Line, Lyft Plus, and Lyft. The modifications are made to make the sharing cab experience better.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • OLA Cabs

It is the ride-hailing service provider in India which is giving a tough competition to Uber over there. Ola has bought TaxiForSure, to get a larger chunk in the Indian taxi-hailing service providers. Ola cabs charge the lowest fares in India. The excellent app interface seems to be the USP of this APP. Cleanliness, verified writers, safety and continuous audits are also adding the credibility to this App.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • GrabTaxi

This App works for the region of Southeast Asia. More than 3 million apps have been downloaded since its inception. Its services are available in 6 countries of Southeast Asia. It has been ranked highly for the comfort and safety it provides. With more than 5,000 registered drivers operating in 21 cities, GrabTaxi gives an unbeatable taxi-hailing experience.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Hailo

Hailo is the UK based ride-hailing service which works in more than five countries. Previously, it offered the service of hiring privately owned cars, but under pressure from the taxi unions, they stopped their service. It allows only CRB checked drivers to work for them. With electronic payment and Hailo Hub facilities, Hailo is becoming one of the largest ride-hailing service providers in the UK.

Platforms: Android | iOS

Conclusion: With the ever increasing competition, booking cabs with Apps is becoming very comfortable, safe and reliable. With endless Apps and manifold options of sharing, the booking of the ride is becoming cheaper too. Save your precious money and time by using any of these apps. This is a limited list of Apps, if you want more, just search for the region based apps, and you will get plenty of them.  We wish you a pleasure ride experience forever.