Apps Like Whisper (Social Anonymous Apps) For Android, iPhone & iPad

Whisper is a free mobile application available as a proprietary app on both Android and iOS platforms. Users are allowed to send and receive anonymous messages. These messages are displayed as text which is superimposed over retrieved images from Whisper‘s search engine or uploaded by the user himself.

This app was launched in March 2012 and has already reached about thirty million active users on a monthly basis. By going through this post, you can understand the nuances of using Whisper and compare it with other similar apps to choose the one best suited to your needs.

Why Whisper App Is So Famous?

The Whisper app promises the full user anonymity and so can help avoid cyber bullying while maintaining privacy. It is also useful in preserving the secrecy of whistle-blowers and helps in sting operations, journalism and such activity. Personal, as well as political thoughts, can also be shared without repercussions.

Apps Like Whisper (Anonymous Apps) For Android & iOS

Many similar apps like Whisper allow users anonymity to send and receive messages. This post has made an effort to list them comprehensively for your convenience.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is an app which uses geographical references to connect people. The usage is anonymous, but the topics are familiar as the users are from a shared community, this is a useful app in for example in educational institutions where it can be used to discuss issues without revealing your identity.

After School

After School app is aptly called a funny anonymous app for after school hours. There again a lot many graphic and sexual content is exchanged via this app.

  • Compatibility: iOS


It is not fully anonymous app. You can use it as semi-anonymous on Android & iOS. You can chat with friends & group of people with Rumr.


A social app which allows us to ask questions and get answers to them from known respondents as well as anonymously. It is used by teenagers, and the questions are based on their social interactions. It can at times have sexual content and unsavory questions or replies.

Kik Messenger

Kik is another useful app that allows users to send texts. Pictures and videos. Virtual mini apps within the app is a unique feature, and the settings can be manipulated to send messages to private groups as well as in public domain. This app also has a feature that allows you to surf the net from the app


Omegle is another such app which allows to send and read messages anonymously and serves as a virtual chat room.

Burn Text

Burn Text is another great app which allows the user to send text only messages which destruct after a particular period and leave no trail. Only single words are revealed at a time adding to the privacy factor.


Snapchat is a popular app used mainly by teenagers to send pictures to each other. The conversations disappear in a specified time, so the user has the peace of mind that his chat will not go viral. This is again mostly used by teenagers. is an interesting app which is essentially a video chat stream. It is a great tool to send and receive videos with friends. This app is also available in desktop mode.

The Bubble

The bubble is the latest rage in social media apps. This takes from your recent social media activity and makes it visible on your Bubble. This is visible to all the friends you add to this app. This is an excellent tool for direct messaging.

Disney Mix

Disney mix is a safe app created by Disney for children. This app has clean content and is monitored very strictly by a 24*7 support system


We have seen and evaluated various apps available in the market today. All the apps are easy to use and have some common and some unique features. It is advisable to use discretion as you must remember that nothing disappears from the internet once posted. There are trails which can be used to recover data, which can then be used for Mala Fide purposes. Also, do remember that once the data is on the screen, a screenshot can be quickly taken to store the data.

Download and use the apps of your choice after evaluating the features mapped in this post. Do not forget to share the post if you have found it to be informative. Please go through other posts on this website if you have found this to your liking.