Best Apps To Root Android Devices With or Without Computer

If you imagine that you are the only administrator of your Android phone, you are completely wrong. Technically, you are not the administrator of your Android phone. It seems illegitimate. When the phone is ours, we must be the administrators. But we are not made the administrators by the mobile companies, just to save us from the dangers associated with it. Yes, half knowledge kills some time. To be a technical administrator of your phone, you need to learn some basic traits first.

Rooting is what makes you the admin of your device. Rooting your phone gives you the ability to change the ‘Root’ folder of your file system, which means that after rooting one gets complete control over the device. But, if you aren’t aware of the proper ways of handling the system, you may end up in the voiding of your warranty or completely bricking your phone. There are some security risks associated with rooting that we cannot overlook. But, if you are well aware of all this, and want to root your phone, we can help you with that.


Best Apps To Root Android Mobiles

We are coming up with a list of some best free apps to root any android device with/without a PC. Let’s go through them.

  • Kingoapp

Kingoapp is a big name in the field of rooting android phones. To root any device, this app needs an Internet-connected computer. This software works with most brands of the Android phones. The process of rooting with this app is very simple. You just need to click the ‘root button’ once the software detects your device.

  • Vroot software

This software works on all the operating system version of Android, be it Froyo (2.2), Jelly Bean (4.2), Gingerbread (2.3) or any newer version. Its dedicated tools can root/unroot any device in a very limited time frame. Now, this software has been relabeled as iRoot.

  • OneClickRoot

With its user-friendly manner, it roots almost any kind of device. It employs many extra fail safes to save your device from any probable damage. With this software, you get full technical support throughout your journey of rooting/unrooting. The developers of the software can even assist you in removing the bloatware.

  • SRSRoot Software

This software has been very popular before the arrival of other new software. But still, beta testers and its regular users give this software a very positive rating. The on-screen instructions that you get after installing this software very clearly define the absolute path to follow while rooting your phone. You just need to click, and you are done.

  • KingRoot

Do not ever confuse KingRoot with King root software. They are different, though equally potent. This is a very light-weighted software. It also works on all the major devices. To get this software, you just need to visit their official site from your phone/computer and download it from there. After downloading and installing, you just need to start the rooting by using their GUI. To check about whether your device is entirely rooted or not, install their root checker app.

  • Framaroot App

This software does not require any PC for its functioning. For rooting, it supports all the versions of Android on most brands of devices. After installing the app, you just need to launch it and choose from the list of exploits. Framaroot apk app has been tested with newer devices like Huawei Ascend, Nokia XL Android, etc. and found to be very successful in rooting them.

  • Roor Master App

This App also doesn’t require any computer for its functioning. It has been found to work best with the devices like Tecno, iTel, Gionee, etc. You just need to use its APK to root your phone. Root Master is one of the best alternatives for the Framaroot.

  • Towelroot

Towelroot app was initially developed to root the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, but it works well on other Android devices as well. Only HTC and Motorola phone are found not to work well with it. Just check the kernel bill date of the device being rooted. This app doesn’t work for the devices with kernel bill dated before June 2014. This app too doesn’t require any computer.

This is just a comprehensive list of some favorite rooting apps. There are some severe dangers associated with rooting if you are not careful enough. So be cautious before rooting your phone. Take care of every aspect of it. I hope, you will not find any trouble in rooting your phone with this app if you follow the correct procedure. However, if you find any issues, please do share with us. We are more than happy to help.

If you find this apps to root android mobiles article helpful, please do share it with others to give us a thumbs up for our effort. We wish you a Happy rooting journey!