Music Downloaders Apps List For Android & iOS | Free MP3 Music Downloads

Music is the universal language of communication, sans words. Where words leave off, music begins, said, Heinrich Heine. The importance of music as a therapy to the tired soul and body cannot be emphasized enough. With advanced technology, music has been brought to our fingertips. We can now store, carry and play music with us. People often opt for listening online due to easy internet access. However, offline music storage on PC, Android & iOS devices has their advantages.

One can listen to it without bothering about the web connection; the data downloaded for a particular file is less since one downloads and stores it, can repeatedly be played without any buffering, etc. With smartphones doubling up both as MP3 players and giving access to the internet, one needs to install the best music downloader apps. We shall discuss some of the best free music downloader apps for both Android as well as iOS.

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Music Downloaders For Android

Music Downloaders For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Free Music Downloaders For Android

  1. Music Download Paradise: For downloading copy left Mp3 music, this app is a great one to install. The functionality and performance of this app are great. Combined with a free music player and a download manager, you might just find the music you are searching for.
  2. iTube: Another most downloaded music app, this one is highly rated in the mobile music market as well. It doubles up both as a music streaming as well as music downloader app. Find the music you are looking for by only searching it. They have a huge repertoire of MP3 tracks as well. There are no in-apps purchases required.
  3. Music Maniac: This is another MP3 Downloader for Android. You can download millions of free MP3 music from search engines. Easy to look at but does precisely what it is intended for. A highly rated music downloader app for Android.
  4. MP3 Music Download Pro: This is an exciting and handy app with various features like background downloading service, ring maker, downloading multiple music files simultaneously, etc.
  5. 4Shared: Another absolute delight of a music downloader app, this one also has bene removed from Google Play store. This app comes with an inbuilt music player, free online listening to music, and searching for a particular song is very easy.
  6. Google Play Music: With over 35 million songs in its catalog, it is one of the leading free music downloader apps in the mobile industry. This also doubles up as an excellent music player on your smartphone. You can upload as many as 50000 songs to your personal collection, and listen to cache songs offline. However, even if you do not buy a subscription, quite a lot of free songs are available for free download to play music.
  7. Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader: One of the best MP3 downloader in Android, this is not available in the google play store. The best feature of this app is probably that you can stream the required music track and preview it before downloading it. Older Android versions also support Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader.
  8. Sound Cloud: This is one of the favorite music app downloaders on Android. This app helps to download your favorite music tracks and also use it to save the music using the offline feature. The search bar allows you to search music by Genre or by the song title. Sound Cloud has millions of active installs as well. You can also upload any music files and share that music with users.
  9. Gaana: Another free music downloader with incredible performance, this app, however, allows you to download only Hindi songs. The flipside of this app is that songs downloaded via this app cannot be played by any other music player app installed on your smartphone. Initially, only music streaming app, this has recently added the download feature, making it one of the most sought after music downloader app in the Android segment.
  10. Napster: Currently available in 34 countries, this is another music downloader app that has more than 30 million MP3 tracks to choose from, in their database. There are no annoying ads and free download, or streaming is hassle free. It comes with a feature- Music Match, that finds music according to your taste.

Free Music Downloader Apps For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Spotify: One of the widely known music downloader apps in the USA, this app has a great user-friendly interface and provides excellent service. It is used mostly as a streaming app, but downloading music by searching the Genres and saving them for offline playing is also available.
  • Free MP3Box: This app allows the user to stream any song based on YouTube search. Free MP3Box is originally a music streaming app, so there are no hassles of storage and downloads if you prefer it that way. Add your favorite compositions to the Favourites icon using hashtags to create the names of the compositions. The music is legal, and this app allows you to listen to the radio, absolutely free. Here’s the link to download this app:
  • Apple Music App: This is the native music app installed on iPhone, iPad or Mac PC. It provides almost all of the necessary music player functions. One of the latest features of this player is that music can be stored offline and can be played later.
  • Freegal Music: This is a completely free and legal way to get access to over 9 million MP3 songs by subscribing to your local library. It has some fantastic retrospective collections, top artists and music from all around the world.
  • Media Cloud: another free app on iOS, this has instant access to your audio files or video files anywhere ( Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and saves space on a device. The latest version has improved music player, bug fixes, and improved cloud storage facilities.
  • Total Downloader: With more than 40 million downloads across the globe, this has to be one of the trending music app downloader available in iOS platform. Integration with various cloud storage services, this gives you access to DropBox, OneDrive, etc. where the downloaded files can be stored.
  • Video Download and Play: As the name suggests, this app allows you to download music video files from YouTube. This app can also enable you to download MP3 files from YouTube. Only video hosting sites like YouTube can be accessed via this app.
  • Sound Cloud Downloader Pro: Like Sound Cloud on Android, this is one of the most popular streaming services available in the mobile music app industry. You cannot download songs from Sound Cloud Downloader Pro as it is a streaming device, but once you download and install this, you can search and download the desired songs.
  • Beats Music: This is another music downloader app that allows listening to over 20 million songs from all genres across the world.You can search and share music with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Currently, this is available only in the USA.

This list, although not exhaustive, is a comprehensive one for those who wish to play and store their favorite songs on their smartphones, without having to rely on constant and consistent internet connection on the go. Both iOS and Android platforms have some great music downloader apps for the music aficionado in you. So go ahead, and whatever be the operating system, install the app and download and stream music to your heart’s content.