Best Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles | Free Root Apps List

Endless apps are available online which claims to have the ability to root your phone efficiently. But, not all the ones remain firm on their demands. Sometimes by using the wrong App you can even brick your phone. The method of rooting any phone varies from model to model. So there is now one size fits all type solution, but some Apps listed here may help you in rooting in the way or the other. So be careful with rooting of your mobile.

If you have already rooted your device, it means that now you have crossed the line for sure. So now, when you don’t have any way of turning back, why not try a few app to take advantage of your newly added freedom? Here, we are tracking down a list of 8 root apps which may prove helpful to you.

Best Root Apps For Properly Rooted Android Mobile

If you are an avid Android user and want to rank yourself as a superuser and not just a simple user, this article is for you. We are not alluring you to be a superuser, but if you are already being alluded, we are happy to direct. So how to become a superuser?

The best way is to root your android mobile or tablet. Rooting is a way of giving users the access to privileged control over some of the Android subsystems. In other words, we can say that rooting allows the Android users to get access to such system files, folders, and commands, etc., which are otherwise strictly locked for the general Android user. Rooting changes your authority from an Android user to an administrator.

  • ROM ToolBox Pro

If you are new to using the ROM apps and don’t know what to do, this app is for you. This App is not a single app, but it’s like a package of various handy root apps. Whether you want to install or backup software, or you want to partition the storage space of your smartphone; it provides you different tools to meet your purpose.   An app like SD Booster, Terminal Emulator, and Script Manager Etc. Supports these features, which saves you a lot of money and time. So, this App is for sure is the best deal for anybody new. 

  • AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is an open-source application which helps in ad blocking. This is a must have app for those who hate ads popping up on the screen in the middle of their work. The unique thing about this App is that this app is configurable. That means, you can allow some nice unobtrusive ads to pop up, if you wish, or remove all of them forever. This App can only be downloaded by an official link from ABP, and not through Google Play Store.

  • Root Call Blocker Pro

If you want to avoid the spam calls or texts, this app is for you. This App automatically blocks or rejects unknown, restricted or withheld numbers. This App works even better on the rooted phones. On rooted phones, it rejects or blocks the call by not even allowing the phone to ring. You can get great relief from spam calls with this app. But, we recommend you to try its trial version before buying this app.

  • Dumpster

Recovery of the accidentally deleted files is the major work of this App. It recovers and restores the deleted files in seconds. Although for using this App root isn’t required, if your device is rooted, this App helps to find more and more lost files. This App is like a Recycle Bin for your Smartphone.

  • Sixaxis Controller

This App is for avid mobile gamers. Those who want to cross the limitations offered by touchscreen controls must use this app for sure. The mind-blowing news about this App is that it lets you pair your PlayStation 3 or 4 with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. When you pair them, the controller gets converted into a native gamepad. Even mouse and keypads can be used for navigation purposes. With this app, one can even use some titles which are not officially supported by the controller.

  • Greenify

This App can be used to hibernate some apps for saving the battery drain. It efficiently prevents the apps from running in the background. It gathers the information such as which apps are running, how frequently any app runs and how many times any app wakes up your device etc. This information helps you to take the decision about which apps to hibernate. This app can very efficiently handle the frequent waking up of your device by Whatsapp and Facebook notification. Greenify is an entirely free app.

  • Wi-Fi Key Recovery

Most of us forget our Wi-Fi keys, if it hasn’t been changed for long and if we opt to connect all our devices automatically. This App uses the phone’s root capabilities to find the previously used passwords for any secured hotspot. The App doesn’t work illegitimately. It cracks the password of only the informal networks and not any new or unfamiliar ones. So, all the secrets remain safe with it.

  • Link2SD

This is an excellent app which allows you to use your external SD card as an internal one. With this app, you can move your required apps to any SD card. This app develops some link and makes your device believe that the apps are on the device only and not on any SD card. The only drawback is, it may slow down the functioning of the moved apps.

Other Free & Paid Root Apps List

  • Lucky Patcher
  • Xposed Framework
  • Viper4Android
  • Titanium Backup
  • Tasker (Paid App)
  • Nandroid Manager
  • Quick Boot
  • GL Tools
  • Set CPU (Be very careful while using this app)
  • Servicely
  • SDFix
  • Flashify
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Better Battery Stats
  • System App Remover
  • Es File Explorer
  • Device Control
  • Kernel Adiutor
  • Full!Screen
  • Disk Digger
  • Boot Animations
  • Chainfire 3D
  • Hosts Editor
  • Root Explorer
  • 3C ToolBox
  • Root Call Blocker Pro
Best Root Apps For Android: Resolution Changer Pro, Xposed GEL Settings, Rec. (Screen Recorder), BusyBox, SuperSU, SCR Screen Recorder, Triangle Away, System App Remover, SD-Maid, Wakelock Detector, Adaway, helium, Wanam XPosed, My Backup Pro, Clean Master, Start Up Manager, Faux clock, DVFS disabler, Unicorn icon themer, Nova Launcher, SD Booster, Uninstaller Pro, Pixel Filter, Swipe Navigation, Simple Reboot and etc. 

Does it sound exciting? It looks so, but it is not purely so. Rooting comes with own shares of freedom and risks. These two needs to be balanced very carefully if you don’t want to brick your phone or void your warranty. If you can adjust them efficiently, you can easily remove bloatware applications that are otherwise impossible to uninstall, bypass any carrier-installed software, or run any special privilege requiring app by using the process of rooting.

Conclusion: With the array of these useful Apps, you must be tempting to root your App, if you have not already rooted it. But limit your temptation to your knowledge of rooting. If you have full command and confidence about rooting, go for it. But, if you don’t have, first learn the tricks and traps and then go for it, or else you may end up in bricking your phone. No one can deny the significant benefits of rooting. So if you want to taste it, try it with all alert and caution.